Difference between American English and British English

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Many people worried about IELTS speaking accent, whether they will use American or British accent. Well, there is no such limitation or evidence that you have to use only American or British accent. Some people think that IELTS is the invention of British people and they need to speak only in British English language.

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Moreover, English is the global language and you are free to speak it in an accent such as American or British. But make sure your pronunciation and words will be clear at the time of the speaking test. And it is a good idea to learn or listen to all the accents of the English language because these will help you in listening as well.

Is British English different from American English?

No, they are almost similar if we measure it in percentage then these are 99% similar. Since, the vocabulary, grammar, and spelling of all the words are almost the same in both accents. In addition, sometimes people claim that they are unable to understand the American accent but this is not true. Maybe they are weak in English language but you can simply understand the American accent. Yes, no doubt there are some words which are different from British English accent. So, no need to worry about the accent, you can simply understand their language.

What are the differences between both the accents?

Actually, there is no such difference in both accents but yes, you may find a little bit difference between vocabulary, spelling, and grammar as well.


Once you book your IELTS test there is no need to make a long list of words because it is totally a  time wastage. Your band score only depends on some factors such as how accurate your English and Vocabulary is and your fluency in the English language. There are some words which are different in American accent such as

  • Car park—-Parking lot
  • Flat——Apartment
  • Post—-Mail
  • Petrol—-Gas
  • Chips—-Fries
  • Bin—–Trash Can
  • Footpath—-Sidewalk
  • Return-ticket—-Round trip
  • and so on.


Here are some other words which Americans spell differently. This include-:

  • Cosy—-Cozy
  • Cheque—Check
  • Litre—Liter
  • Centre—-Center
  • Colour—-Color
  • Labour—-Labor


You may find subtle differences in grammar such as past tense forms, use of verbs include have and take, usage of modals, and use of present perfect tense.

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