Challenges For An Indian Student During his Study in Canada

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Some person claims that study in Canada is not as simple as we think. No doubt this true due to some factors which make Canada totally different from India. Indian student may face some difficulties there due to climate and culture change.

But we cannot say it is difficult to survive in the new nation. No doubt we face so many problems in starting when we move to a new place. Because we use our place and we do not know the culture and environment of that place. Moreover, students who wish to go to Canada must visit us once because we have well-educated study visa consultant you guides you about the things related to Canada.

But you have to clear IELTS first so that you can take your first step toward Canada visa. In this way, you should choose the best IELTS institute so that you can simply crack this exam.

Now let’s have a look at challenges which students normally faced in Canada during their study visa.


Yes, the climate or weather of Canada is totally different from India. Canada is the area where you experience colder than India. This is the region where you also notice snowfall but it depends on the area you choose for your education. Moreover, you should keep long winter jackets with you which are additionally known as snow jackets.

Culture Diversity

Yes, you will also experience the diversity in language, culture, and people as well. But not afraid, if you really want to learn new things, you should try to talk to them as you feel comfortable. Some people do not even try to talk to them once because of cultural diversity. No, it is the chance to grab knowledge about a new culture. No doubt their official language is English and yours is Hindi. But not afraid try to talk to them because they are too polite and try to understand you.

Unable To Maintain A Balance Between Study And Working Time

Yes, this is totally true some persons are unable to manage their time according to study and working time. That’s why they feel nervous and scared, don’t feel less energetic and try to manage your time. You should only choose that type of works which suits your study timing. In this way, you are able to manage your time table.

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