Answers to Most Common Questions Asked During the IELTS Reading Task

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    IELTS test has four modules such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. These all the modules require equal practice and dedication but reading and writing require little more. Here, in the text we are going to tell you everything related to the reading module for both exam types such as Academic and General training.

    IS IELTS Academic and general reading same?

    No, not actually there is a great difference between academic and general reading. There is only one two tasks are the same such as listening and speaking. But reading and writing for both the modules are different. Let’s understand this concept, in academic IELTS reading students have to attempt question-related to science and technology. Whereas, in General Training there are different types of questions about general topics. And more studies show that general training reading is too easy as compared to academic reading.

    What is the exact time duration to complete the reading module?

    Well, both the modules have the same time duration in order to complete the reading test. You have to attempt 40 questions within 60 minutes and there is no negative marking in this IELTS test. And there is no extra given to you after 1 hour for answer transferring, you need to transfer answers side by side.

    What type of questions I have to attempt in reading IELTS?

    There are several types of questions in the reading module such as-:

    • Match the following
    • Headings and information
    • Sentence completion
    • Flowchart completion
    • Identifying writer claims
    • Short answer type questions or MCQs
    • And Diagram labeling.

    Is it necessary to get coaching of the reading module?

    Yes, we personally suggest you take the reading module coaching because in IELTS centre you will learn the techniques to attempt the exam with the time given. They will also give you the practice papers so that you can practice at home. Make sure you should book your IELTS test after taking the proper coaching. This will help you to get a high score in the reading module.

    Do I write on the question paper during the exam?

    Yes, you can obviously write on your question paper. There is no such restriction about writing on the reading question paper. This will help you to find the answers.

    Is spelling are important in a reading module?

    Yes, spelling is most important in the reading test. This is the test of English language proficiency in which all the skills are required. You have to write correctly otherwise you will deduct your score. Actually, there is no such mark for wrong spellings, so make sure you should write correctly with the pencil only.

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