Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing CD IELTS

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Thousands of people are struggling to go abroad such as Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and so on. But they are not able to fulfill the requirements, terms, and conditions. The primary condition is IELTS, and they even do not how to attempt the IELTS exam in a proper manner. Moreover, the IELTS exam is of two types, for example, paper-based and computer-based IELTS. there is actually no such difference between both test except result timing or you have to write all the exam on the system rather than paper.

Almost two or three years ago IELTS introduced a new type of exam named as computer-based. In which you have to give all the modules on the system or computer. Majority of people are in doubt whether they will go with paper-based or computer IELTS. In order to know the difference between both, you have to understand the pros and cons of CD IELTS.

Advantages of CD IELTS

Less crowded Exam Centres

People who give CD IELTS exam reveal the truth why they are taking this exam because the exam centres are less crowded as compared to paper-based. Moreover, this will not contribute to your band score but some people feel relaxed in well-maintained exam centre where actually crowd is less. And they are able to give their exam easily without any stress.

Automatic word count

Everyone knows that if you are writing on a computer then there is no need to count words manually. Your system will automatically show words side by side on your screen.

Moreover, editing in writing task is also an easy task because you do not need any type of eraser which consumes more time in order to erase the sentence with hands. But in the computer-based exam, you do not need to erase it manually.

No page flipping

People are happy to give computer-based exam because you do not need any type of page flipping. In addition, there is no issue of handwriting as well as compared to the paper-based exam.

Disadvantages of CD IELTS

  • The main disadvantage of computer-based IELTS is some people have less typing speed. Due to which they are unable to complete their exam in a given time.
  • In addition, making notes or highlighting is not easy on screen.
  • Sound of typing may distract others are you also because of not everyone habitual to it.
  • Not proper practice material, that’s why very few people take this computer-based exam.

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