A Guide To Learn English By Watching Movies

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Books, journals, newspapers and of course listening to news-besides getting enrolled at the Spoken English center, these are the various methods which are recommended by the experts to upgrade your English skills. But overuse of all these could cast a spell of boredom and before you know it, you will be at the tether’s end. We have got a much brighter idea for you which will keep you entertained as well as informed- movies! Watch English movies to improve your English. You will notice a marked difference in your Spoken English when you start watching the Hollywood wonders. A few movies made in other countries are also available in the language.

Learning language through movies: Does it work?

  1. Yes, definitely. It is so because you tend to pick up the real, spoken English, not the one that exists in the textbooks only. It will give you the real idea about how native English speaker actually speaks. So it is vital to follow this tip to learn Fluent English.
  2. You will get to know the words related to the context of the movie. Suppose you are watching a crime thriller. You will definitely come to know about words like forensic, detective, and phrases like killing two birds with a stone. It might take many pages of learning if you would be relying on only on books for this purpose.
  3. You will get the exact idea of how the words are actually pronounced. While books can impart knowledge about practically everything, they may not be sufficient in communicating the pronunciation, but the medium of movies is best to convey how the word will be pronounced, more so with the native accent. You will also get the hang of the tone in which particular expression is used. Expressions of sadness or anger that accompany the words are also best learned through the audio-visual medium.

How to learn English through movies

  1. Pick up an interesting movie

Pick ones that will excite you and hold your attention. You don’t need to bear the boring old movies which will fail to hold your attention. Read reviews and storylines before you opt for a movie. Various websites offer this information about movies.

  1. Choose a movie according to your current level of English

Beginners can opt for animated movies as they are easy to understand. If you start viewing classics such as Gone with the Wind, then you might not achieve what you are seeking.

  1. Use the dictionary

Look up the word you don’t understand in the dictionary. That’s way, you will learn and remember the meaning. Movies with subtitles are the best choice for people who want to learn English.

  1. Repetition is the key

Practice repeating the phrases which you like. Say it aloud and you will be able to remember it for a long time. It’s a great, pleasurable activity which teaches you well.

  1. Turn off the subtitles

We just recommended using team, how could we advise otherwise? It is indeed necessary to switch the subtitles on the first time, but when you watch it the second time, try to switch it off and understand the words without the support of subtitles. Believe us, the benefits will be enormous.

  1. Use the VLC player

The VLC player is available in the form of an application on the internet. It has the capability of playing the movie at half or a quarter of the speed. You can play the parts you don’t understand at a slower pace and understand it.

Follow the tips and you will know how easy and enjoyable learning English can be.

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