5 Must Visit Places in Canada

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Canada is the second largest country in the world, which has so many tourist attractions such as landscapes, parks, and falls. If you really want to explore these all things then must visit us because we dealing in Canada tourist visa as well as Canada study visa. In addition, we will guide about the visa details that you can get the tourist visa easily.

Moreover, there are many places which you must visit during your trip. let’s get knowledge about those places so that you cannot find difficulty to search these places while you visit Canada.

These are the rocky mountains and cities of Vancouver, Banff national park Alberta, Niagara falls, and old Quebec city. These all are the famous and popular tourist attractions which give you real comfort and the peaceful environment because the government maintains them in an effective way.

Famous Tourist Places In Canada

Niagara Falls

Niagara falls in Canada is one of the most popular attractions, which is located near Toronto. In addition, this is the place near to American border and this is the place which is visited by millions of tourists till date. Moreover, in past years people enjoy their homemade boats and barrels which were useful to plunge over the fall. These days, many people visit this place across the world because this is the primary tourist spot in Canada.

Banff National Park

Banff national park and the Rocky Mountains are located near to Calgary in Alberta. This is the type of stunning park in which you people see many types of turquoise-colored lakes, snow-capped peaks, and glaciers. The main attraction spot in this park is Lake Louise ski resort, in which green waters reflect the glaciers and mountains near to this park.

Toronto’s CN Tower

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada which has too many attraction points such as the CN tower in Toronto and Niagara Falls. Toronto CN tower is the most famous attraction spot which includes almost 360 restaurants, the Glass Floor and LookOut.

Old Quebec

Quebec is the state near Toronto city, in which you see old Quebec city. Old Quebec city includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site and historic gems of Canada. There are so many historical places which you visit during your trips such as the Lower town, Fairmount Le Chateau, and St. Lawrence River.


This is a place near to Vancouver city which is famous from the ski resort and the village of Whistler. Moreover, Whistler is the most famous winter sports area in which you can enjoy mountain biking and golf. This is the place where the 2010 Winter Olympic Games were held.

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