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Scoring high in the reading module of IELTS is not child’s play as it is quite challenging especially for those who are not having reading as a hobby and even for those who are not having English as their first language. In both academic and general training reading module can be difficult as in academic reading passages are lengthy and contain complex vocabulary which can be difficult to understand for students and in general training, the passages can be simple but the questions can be confusing. So to score higher band in reading module students have to overcome their reading infirmities and have to be proficient in reading.

Following are some effective tips to score high in reading section given by the Ielts experts, let us have a look at these useful tips

Improve your grasping power with continue reading

If you have a hobby of reading books, magazines or some other stuff then it can be helpful for you to get higher bands in the reading section but if you do not like to read much then there is need to develop this habit by keep on reading books, magazines, newspaper or online material so that your grasping power can get improved and you can concentrate more while reading so that you could save your time in exam while reading and could find your answers from the passage easily.

Reading strategy

Having a good plan or strategy before doing any task can not only help you to save your time and efforts but can also help you to do the task in better way same is true for the reading module if you will make a proper reading plan before attempting the reading section then you can attempt all the passages given in one reading in given time of one hour and even can find more answers.


practice makes a man perfect is very true for ielts as practicing by solving the number of reading mock tests you can not only improve your reading skill and concentration but can also know about your weak points and repeated mistakes. So it will be helpful for you in the exam as before the exam you could work on your weak points and can perform better in the exam.

Time management

For any module of IELTS, time management is quite important as each module of the test is time-bound and this management of time is very important for reading section so that you could attempt all the sections of reading in given time. For instance, if you are an academic student then you can give 15 minutes to each of 3 sections of reading so that in 45minutes you can complete your reading and in remaining 15 minutes you can revise your answers carefully. If you are having IELTS Coaching In Ludhiana then it is the first reading tip given to you by the mentor to score high in the reading section.

Attempt all questions

Do not skip or leave any of your answer blanks even if you are not sure about the answer as in IELTS there is not any negative marking so there are some chances that your guess can also work and help you to score more marks in reading.

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