Speak English Fluently: 10 Marvelous Tips To Speak English Like An Expert

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Are you tongue-tied when you need to speak English? Does your English leave quite a lot to the imagination? Well, we have help here for you. We don’t claim to improve your English by just devoting 5 minutes a day. But what we have for you are tips which will help you speak English like ¬†British. It will give you a lot of benefits if you enroll in a Spoken English Course. Of course, we offer tips which will come handy to you-

1. Accept The Peculiarity Of English

It is a well-known fact by now at English is a very weird language. While there is justification for some pronunciations, there is no explainable logic behind some others. So don’t keep wondering why read is pronounced in two different ways, depending on the tense. The same applies to the plural form of many similar sounding words. Just memorize the way it is, don’t go by logic or reasoning otherwise, you will get stuck in a quagmire of queries.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Just studying English will not help, you will have to listen to, read and speak English each for a few minutes each day if you want to master all the skills. Set up things you find difficult as your milestones, so that you elevate your comfort level with the language. Try to strike a conversation in English as much as possible. Even the ones who are good at English lose out on fluency if they don’t practice it regularly.

3. Start Speaking, Don’t Just Learn

The foremost thing you should apply to your learning is that stop considering yourself as a student. Don’t try to learn every day, but try to speak every day. So, in short, stop being a student, and start being a speaker It will really help when you start visualizing and thinking in English instead of using your native language. That way, you will develop excellent fluency.

4. Find The Answer Hidden In The Question.

One handy tip is that the answer to many questions lies within the question itself. Some questions which start with ‘Does he’ or ‘Can she’ have an answer like ‘Yes, he does’ and ‘Yes, she can’ respectively. If some questions leave you speechless, start by thinking over the language of the question. You will be relieved to know that the words used in the question are most likely to formulate the answer. Instead of cramming, look for the usual patterns which help you in forming the correct answers.

5. Listen And Note The Style Of The Native Speakers

Listen carefully to the way the  native English speakers speak . You will gain a lot from following this valuable tip. It is definitely important to understand the meaning of the words but is as important to listen to the way they are used or spoken. Keep the way of their usage in mind and you will sound more natural if you follow it. Of course, this price will need a lot of time and patience as the native English speakers might speak too fast or speak with an accent you are not accustomed to. The speed of speech might also be an issue in the earlier stages but , but keep going.


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