Realize Your Canadian Dream: Follow These Guidelines From The Experts In Immigration

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Many of us dream to make it big abroad. But the slightest error could render our tireless efforts zero,  so be sure about the procedure beforehand. We would definitely not like to see you giving up on your Canadian dreams,  so you should follow the advice from the best authority on the subject. We are the leading Canada VISA Consultant company. The application process is a complex one and it requires a lot of documentation, examination, tight deadlines, and proving eligibility on many accounts. Little things matter, but don’t let these little things mess up your aspiration to follow your career dreams on a global level. We have summarized the perfect tips to keep you well informed about the dynamic laws of Canadian immigration. These tips will prove instrumental in helping you succeed in reaching the land of your dreams without wasting  money and avoiding errors.

1. Select The Right Channel

We mean that you must know exactly which visa you should apply for. If you just want to visit Canada, the visa is going to be quite different from the one which you would require to study or work there. So identify your requirements and the motive of the travel and choose the visa accordingly. Each visa has its own set of rules, regulations and validity period. Visiting visa will be easier to get than a visa for study or work. So plan and apply with reference to your choice.

2. Choose an RCIC

RCIC is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, a person who is officially and legally certified to assist you in the visa application process. It is preferable to opt for an RCIC who is registered with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). You can cross check the consultant’s credibility by looking up their records in the ICCRC registry. This process will ascertain their level as per the council’s recommendation.

3. Get Familiar with the PNPs

PNP is the abbreviation of Provincial Nomination Programs. These are the programs set forth by various provinces of Canada to outline their preferred set of requirements for human resources. Nearly all the provinces have specified their details under this scheme.PNPs enable the provinces to nominate people with the requisite skill set and experience for permanent residency, provided they are willing to work in the province for a  stipulated amount of time. You could contact the province and express your willingness to work there, or you could build up a profile highlighting your skills, experience, and qualification. Thereafter, you can hope that they will contact you with a suitable employment opportunity. All the information is available readily on the related websites.


Don’t commit the folly of overlooking errors for speeding up the processes of the application. But it will pay you if you apply as soon as possible. You could apply in the express entry category which calls for only 6 months of processing time. If you are among the people who have the minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score, then you will be given preference if you have applied through the express entry.

5. Give The Process A Professional Edge

It is highly recommended that you opt for a professional agency which has a good amount of experience in handling Canadian immigration. With this step, you can let go of all the stress and anxiety related to the application process. A professional agency like ours will prove to be instrumental in ensuring that your application has maximum chances of getting approved, given our unsurpassed professionalism and decades of experience.

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